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17 Jun 2014

Mastering Shutter Speed in Digital Photography

Learn How to Harness the True Power of Shutter Speed! An Best Seller More than 3,500 copies sold to date. One of the biggest challenges photographers face is trying to capture action and motion. Moving subjects
16 Jun 2014

75 Inspirational Famous Photography Quotes and Sayings

Get ready to be inspired! Below, is a collection of inspirational famous photography quotes and sayings for you to draw upon as you continue your path to becoming a better photographer. Enjoy these quotes and be sure
14 Jun 2014

Urban Fashion Photography Ideas, Tips and Tricks

The idea behind urban photography basically captures the styles, culture, surroundings and trends of urban areas. This makes an ideal setting for fashion photography for those who don’t want to be confined to shooting their images inside
13 Jun 2014

Photography Exercise That Teaches You How to Shoot Better Compositions

One of the keys to capturing great photos is having a good photographic eye. There are a few lucky photographers out there that have a natural instinct for taking good photos, but most of us have to
7 Jun 2014

Camera Exposure Settings Explained

Camera exposure is defined as the total amount of light allowed to fall on the photographic image sensor of your digital camera during the process of taking a photograph. Camera exposure is controlled in three ways: Aperture
5 Jun 2014

Choosing Camera Settings for Night Photography

Taking photos at night can be a real challenge for many photographers. Most new photographers don’t know how to set up their camera settings with the correct night photography settings. This often results in photos coming out
3 Jun 2014

How to Use Converging Lines to Add Interest to Your Photos

Converging lines are a favorite among many photographers when composing a photograph. Lines can often add to a scene’s interest and multiple lines when converging together or appearing close to each other are an ideal way to
31 May 2014

Beach Photography Tips and Ideas for Amazing Photos

One of the best locations to capture interesting photographs of color and natural beauty is at the beach. By following these beach photography tips and ideas you’ll learn how to capture some impressive images.   Photos by
21 May 2014

Captivating Color – Dramatic Color Photography Book Review

A great Photography Guide that teaches you everything you need to know about creating dramatic photography. Jammed packed with information on how to use color to create amazing photographs.
21 May 2014

The Golden Hour Photography Lighting Trick (Magic Hour)

Did you know that there’s a certain time of day that produces the most amazing light for outdoor photos? A time of day referred to as the “golden hour in photography.” If you’ve ever taken a photo

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