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19 Mar 2014

Great Photography Resource from North Dakota State University

In this post, we wanted to share with you a great photography composition and Photoshop resource we found from North Dakota State University, compiled by Ross Collins, Professor of Communications. There is a wealth of knowledge to
27 Nov 2013

How to Use Converging Lines to Add Interest to Your Photos

Converging lines are a favorite among many photographers when composing a photograph. Lines can often add to a scene’s interest and multiple lines when converging together or appearing close to each other are an ideal way to
26 Nov 2013

Where to Place the Horizon in Your Photographs

The horizon can be quite an effective aspect of a photograph and in some cases in may simply go unnoticed by the viewer. Most people prefer to have it add something to a photo, but to do
8 Oct 2013

How to Set Up a Home Portrait Photography Studio that’s Perfect for You!

The majority of casual photographers don’t have the benefit of a home studio. However, you may want to build one when you realize how easy they are to create! In this article, we’ll share with you some
12 Sep 2013

6 Instant Ideas to Break Out of a Photography Rut

It can sometimes be hard to find the inspiration to take your camera out of its bag and in some ways it may be compared to writer’s block. Each photographer is unique and that means different things
5 Sep 2013

6 Composition Tips for Using Wide-Angle Lenses for Better Landscape Photos

If you’re interested in landscape photography you’ll eventually find yourself purchasing a dedicated wide-angle lens. The best options for this type of photography are 24mm and lower as they’ll allow you to capture natural landscapes. However, just
23 Aug 2013

How to Create a Vintage Portrait Effect in Photoshop

Creating a vintage effect for your photos in Photoshop can be a fun and worthwhile exercise. There are a lot of different approaches that you can take, and plenty of different types of vintage effects that you
19 Aug 2013

Simple Indoor Flash Photography Lighting Tips for Beautiful Photos

There are some occasions when you don’t have a choice other than to use a flash as your lighting source for photography indoors. Many photographers try to avoid using flash as much as possible since a it
6 Aug 2013

Extreme Sports Photography Ideas for Pro Shots

Some of the best action shots you can capture will come courtesy of extreme sports. These are generally sports that have a certain element of danger attached to them, but you don’t have to be a pro
21 Jul 2013

Close Up Flower Photography Ideas for Captivating Photos

People all over the globe love to take their cameras out and shoot detailed and colorful images of their favorite flowers. These are some close up flower photography ideas and tips to help you with this goal.
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