18 Aug 2014

Bird Photography Tips and Ideas | How to Photograph Birds Like a Pro

Bird photography is one of the most popular genres of nature photography. In fact, photographing birds is very interesting and challenging for photographers of all skill levels. In order to capture the best shots you need to
18 Aug 2014

How to Set Up a Home Portrait Photography Studio that’s Perfect for You!

The majority of casual photographers don’t have the benefit of a home studio. However, you may want to build one when you realize how easy they are to create! In this article, we’ll share with you some
18 Aug 2014

Mastering Composition in Digital Photography

Discover Tips and Tricks for Better Creative Photos! An Amazon.com Best Seller More than 5,000 copies sold to date. One of the major problems photographers face is not knowing what it takes to compose a great photo.
18 Aug 2014

Photography Composition Tricks You Should KNow

One of the key elements to a shooting a great photo is photography composition. By using certain established composition tricks you can really make a huge impact on your photographs. Composition in photography is really just that: composing
18 Aug 2014

Six Secret Steps for How to Take Good Photos

Do You Want to Know the Secrets for How to Take Good Photos? Wouldn’t it feel great if every time you pushed the shutter button you knew you would be capturing an award-winning photograph? Well, now you
17 Aug 2014

Creative Ways to Use Hard Light in Photography

Its a shame that many photographers have come to fear the use of hard light in photography. Why do they fear it? Because, they’ve been taught that soft diffused light is the only type of good lighting
17 Aug 2014

12 Amazing Photographers Websites for Photography Ideas

In this post, you’ll find 12 amazing photographers websites everyone should visit, bookmark and come back to over and over again for photography ideas. We chose the photographers listed below because they have some of the most
17 Aug 2014

Food Photography Ideas for Mouthwatering Photographs

This may be hard to swallow, but when it comes to food photography the beautiful images you see in front of you don’t always taste as good as they look. The dishes may look mouthwatering as we’ve
17 Aug 2014

Free Digital Photography Guide (8 Total)

We've found 8 Free digital photography guides for you to download. In these photography guides you'll learn expert techniques, lighting tips, street photography, using RAW, LightRoom and Photoshop tricks and more!
16 Aug 2014

Understanding Aperture Camera Settings

Aperture is one of the three pillars of photography, the other two being ISO and Shutter Speed. Without a doubt, it is the most talked about subject, because aperture either adds a dimension to a photograph by