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19 Jul 2013

Food Photography Ideas for Mouthwatering Photographs

This may be hard to swallow, but when it comes to food photography the beautiful images you see in front of you don’t always taste as good as they look. The dishes may look mouthwatering as we’ve
18 Jul 2013

The Best Lens for Sports Photography

Sports fans are among the most passionate photographers as they love to capture the action and emotion of sporting events. You need to have a built-in instinct when to press the shutter in sports photography, but it
8 Jul 2013

9 Essential Ideas on Photographing Couples You Won’t Learn Anywhere Else

If a couple puts faith in you to take their photos, it’s up to you to capture images that produce a powerful impact. If you’re new to photographing couples, you may find it difficult to get all
2 Jul 2013

Photography 101 for Beginners – Your Complete Introduction to Photography

Are You Looking for One of the Best Photography Books for Beginners? As a new photographer you know you have to start somewhere. No one expects you to know how to instantly use your DSLR camera right
1 Jul 2013

Macro Flower Photography Ideas for Eye-Catching Photos

One of the best ways to capture flowers is by using macro photography. A good close up of a flower will show viewers just how beautiful and detailed they can be. In this post, we’ll go over
19 Jun 2013

At Last! You Now Have at Your Fingertips the Secret Tricks Pro Photographers Use to Capture Amazing Photos

Imagine being able to instantly take better photographs after reading only one chapter from a photography book. Sound crazy? It’s not. In fact, we guarantee you can do just that! Keep reading… At last, you now have
18 Jun 2013

9 Low Light Photography Tips for Professional Photos

One of the hardest things to master in photography is to capture sharp, crisp images in low-light conditions without the use of a flash. You typically need a very fast lens to accomplish this, and we all
10 Jun 2013

75 Inspirational Famous Photography Quotes and Sayings

Get ready to be inspired! Below, is a collection of inspirational famous photography quotes and sayings for you to draw upon as you continue your path to becoming a better photographer. Enjoy these quotes and be sure
31 May 2013

How to Read Histogram Camera Setting and Use it to Expose Perfect Photos

You may have heard of the term ‘histogram’, but aren’t really clear what it is. In this article, we’re not only going to explain what as histogram is, but we’ll also show you how to read histogram.
23 May 2013

Black and White Flower Photography Tips and Ideas

Since flowers are so beautiful and colorful when they’re in full bloom, it may seem odd to take transform their images into black and white. However, photographs of black and white flowers can be very amazing to

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