16 Aug 2014

Close Up Portrait Photography Tips

There’s no better way to show off your subject’s face than with a close up portrait. By taking a portrait close up, you can eliminate other distracting elements within the frame and pull the focus of attention
15 Aug 2014

An Introduction to the Idea of Street Photography

A style of photography that is becoming very popular among photographers is is the idea of street photography. In this article we’re going to introduce you to this type of photography and help you understand what it’s
15 Aug 2014

Extreme Sports Photography Ideas for Pro Shots

Some of the best action shots you can capture will come courtesy of extreme sports. These are generally sports that have a certain element of danger attached to them, but you don’t have to be a pro
15 Aug 2014

Wildlife Portrait Photography Tips

Unless your taking photos at a zoo you most likely be shooting wildlife portrait photography from a distance. Wild animals become very skittish when humans encroach on their natural environments. Animals don’t like us to getting too
14 Aug 2014

Composing Better Backgrounds in Photography

In this photography tutorial you'll learn how to compose better backgrounds by eliminating distractions, using depth-of-field and incorporating interesting background elements. When composing photos its equally important to pay attention to the background as you do to
14 Aug 2014

Water Drop Photography Setup | Full Details and Photos

One of the most interesting and creative photography ideas a photographer can take is of a drop of water making a splash upon impact. While many of the best examples of this type of photography may look
13 Aug 2014

The Best Lens for Sports Photography

Sports fans are among the most passionate photographers as they love to capture the action and emotion of sporting events. You need to have a built-in instinct when to press the shutter in sports photography, but it
13 Aug 2014

Panning Photography Composition Tutorial | How to Photograph Moving Subjects

Panning is a great photography composition technique you can use to capture a moving subject. The result is a subject of the photo that is crisp and sharp, while the rest of the composition remains a blur
13 Aug 2014

Capture Amazing Night Portrait Photography with These Simple Tips and Tricks

When most people think of a portrait they tend to think of one shot during the day. However, a lot of opportunity is missed by putting your camera away when the sun goes down. In fact, not
13 Aug 2014

Mastering Composition in Digital Photography

Discover Tips and Tricks for Better Creative Photos! An Amazon.com Best Seller More than 5,000 copies sold to date. One of the major problems photographers face is not knowing what it takes to compose a great photo.

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