“Pay What YOU Want” Deal Extended to All of Our Photography Products!

A few days ago, we announced a promotional offer for one of our photography products, Photoshop Essentials for Photographers: Learn How to Edit Photos Like a Pro!

What we did might sound crazy, but we offered this 90+ minute Photoshop post processing techniques training course (retailing for $25.95) as a Pay What You Want deal.

Yes, you read that right.

You PAY WHAT YOU WANT for the product and it’s yours. Seriously. Take it for $1 or if you liked what we have to offer, you could throw us a couple more bucks (or pay full price). It’s up to you.

The Feedback Has Been AMAZING!

After announcing this deal, we were flooded with emails, comments and positive reviews by our visitors. Over and over again, people told us they learned so much about how to edit photos!

Photographers of all skill levels, beginner to advanced, said they found tremendous value in the product. They couldn’t believe we were practically giving it away!

In fact, so many people were impressed by the courses that a lot of the visitors who took it for just $1, came back to the website and made an additional donation.

That act of kindness really touched us.

Some gave $5, others $10 and even others ended up giving us the full price of $25.95. Regardless of the donation, each person got the same quality product and learned how to edit photos like a pro.

We’ve Decided to Extend the “Pay What You Want” Deal to All of Our Products!

Call it a lesson learned, but we found that we were able to make a bigger impact on many more photographers lives by offering Photoshop Essentials for Photographers as a “Pay What You Want” product.

  • Beginners who had no clue how to edit photos, discovered how easy the process can be.
  • Intermediates learned the tricks professionals use for post-processing great photos.
  • Advanced users found time-saving tips, like the 5-step workflow that generates a beautiful image every time.

 So, we’re now extending our “Pay What You Want” deal to all of our photography products.

That’s right. Take any of the products below for just $1 or if you like what we have to offer, you can drop us a few more bucks (or pay full price). It’s up to you. Either way, you get the same quality product.

But, Don’t Just Keep This Deal to Yourself!

If you hadn’t have found this webpage you would have wanted someone to tell you about this amazing deal too, right?

So, Share it, Tweet it, Post it to Facebook, tell your friends about it, etc.. Spread the word so photographers all around the world can take advantage while it lasts.

Now, Onto the “Pay What You Want” Product Links and Details

Photoshop Essentials for Photographers
Photoshop Post Processing Techniques
Discover the tricks professional photographers use to create amazing and dynamic looking photos! Photoshop Essentials for Photographers is a collection of online photography courses (in video format) designed to teach you how to create stunning looking photos. Guided by a personal tutor and sample photos to follow along with, you’ll find clear and easy to understand steps from start to finish. By the end you’ll know how to edit photos like a pro!

130+ Portrait Photography Photoshop Templates and Frames
130+ Templates Image
This collection is jam packed with over 130+ templates and frames for all styles of photography. It’s a collection that will instantly separate your portraits from other photographers because they generate a WOW response in the viewer! Included, is every type of template you would need for senior portraits, babies, families, models and more!

Pro Studio Digital Backgrounds, Backdrops and Borders
Free Digital Backgrounds
This collection allows you to easily get into studio portrait photography without having to spend lots of money OR even own a studio! Included in this collection are 80 high quality backgrounds, backdrops and borders that will let you create amazing portraits at a fraction of the cost of owning expensive studio equipment. In a matter of seconds you can instantly choose or change the background of your portraits.

Enjoy the products! And, as always, leave a comment below telling us what you think about this deal and the products we have to offer.

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