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Photography Exercise That Teaches You How to Shoot Better Compositions

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One of the keys to capturing great photos is having a good photographic eye.

There are a few lucky photographers out there that have a natural instinct for taking good photos, but most of us have to train ourselves on how to have it.

Here is a simple photography exercise that teaches you how to shoot better photos and train your photographic eye.

The Photography Exercise

Grab your camera with a kit style lens, like an 18-55mm. This type of lens works best for this exercise because it covers a variety of focal ranges. Then, go out for a walk. Go anywhere you choose. At some point during your journey stop when you find an object  that intrigues you. It can be anything like a flower, park bench, flag pole, street sign, etc.

Photography Exercise

Photos by Sharkbait, Wale69, Mamooli

Now, make it your goal to take at least 10 different shots of the object that intrigued you. Capture a variety of focal lengths and angles.

Types of shots can include:

  • Wide shot showing location and surroundings
  • Close up with blurred background
  • Low angle looking up at it
  • High angle looking down at it
  • Frame the object with another object
  • Vertical framing and horizontal framing
  • Focus on another object that’s closer to the camera rendering the object out of focus
  • etc.

By forcing yourself to capture at least 10 different photos you’ll end up with a good sample.

At the end of this photography exercise look through the photos you took and pick three that you think are the best. Examine those three photos carefully and ask yourself what characteristics these have that led you to this decision. Thinking about each photo in this way will train your photographic eye because you’ll learn what traits make a good photo.

To get the most out of this photography exercise its best that you repeat it several times. Make sure to choose a variety of subjects to photograph. The more you practice the better you’ll train your photographic eye.

Want to make this photography exercise more exciting?

Take another person with you on your journey and have them choose the subject for you to capture. Better yet, take another photographer with you and examine each of your photos together to find out what characteristics make a great photo. But, most of all have fun!



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  3. Shruti

    February 29, 2012 at 1:47 pm

    Great quick pointers! We all need reminders, every now and then. In order to excel, we sometimes forget the simplest and basic points, which can come in handy.

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