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26 Amazing Reflection Photography Ideas and Photos

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Reflection photography is a great way to turn a boring, lifeless photo into something extraordinary. It’s amazing how the simple use of reflections in photography can lead to some of the most beautiful effects and amazing looking photos. So, we put together a list of some beautiful examples of reflection photography ideas.

To capture great reflective shots all you need to do is take advantage of reflective surfaces such as water, mirrors, glass, or any shiny object. Try to position yourself in various ways with your camera so that you can use the reflections to your advantage. This will lead to capturing a photo that is richer and more artistic.

To inspire you to try out reflection photography and to show you what is possible we’ve put together 35 of the best reflective photography photos we could find.


Reflection Photography Ideas


sample reflection imagePhoto by Deviantart

Photo by Bald Monk

reflection imagePhoto by Pirus

photo showing reflections in photographyPhoto by Pkeyn

reflection photographyPhoto by Tobi

photo reflectionsPhoto by Heaven`s Gate (John)

reflective photographyPhoto by Loutseu

reflections photographyPhoto by Edzone

Photo by ScudMonkey

reflections photography Photo by Snapperz

reflection imagesPhoto by k.barker

reflections in photographyPhoto by yuki.s

reflections in photographyPhoto by Landahlauts

reflections in photography Photo by Takeite@sy

reflection picturesPhoto by Nicolas Valentin

reflection picturesPhoto by re_

reflection picturesPhoto by visiblejoy

Photo by jimpg2

reflection in photographyPhoto by SSH Photos

reflection in photographyPhoto by Poorna Kedar

reflection photosPhoto by mikebaird

We hope you enjoyed this list of 26 amazing reflection photography ideas and photos. Leave a comment telling us which example was your favorite!

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    April 29, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    Serial No.1 is the best one. It is not just reflection. It is more than that.

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