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Close Up Flower Photography Ideas for Captivating Photos

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People all over the globe love to take their cameras out and shoot detailed and colorful images of their favorite flowers.

These are some close up flower photography ideas and tips to help you with this goal.


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Zoom in on the Flower

It’s always nice if you can capture the intricate details of the flower.

Zooming in will allow you to do this.

You’ll be able to see every little insect and drop of dew or water on the petals. The closer you can zoom in the more dramatic the image will be.

The best way to do this is to use a macro lens of about 50-200mm. These lenses will show things that are basically undetected with the naked eye. You’ll be able to get an entirely different perspective of the flowers this way.

Patterns and Details

Many flowers and plants feature natural patterns and details that may be hard to notice.

Take a careful look and see if you can spot any. A macro lens will help you out when doing this. If you locate some you can focus on them and shoot with an ISO of 50 or 100 to really bring the details out in the photos.

Proper Lighting

If you’re shooting outside you’ll need to prepare for a variety of possible weather conditions.

A high sun is usually too harsh and you’ll need to balance this out. A good photography idea is to use a fill flash as it will illuminate the flower and keep background and foreground balanced.

If you want warmth you can try a gold reflector.

If you want to bounce the light back onto the flower then try a while or silver reflector.

Selective Focusing

With a macro lens you should use the selective focusing.

This means there’s not really any focal point and the whole image will be sharp.

Following this idea for your photography, all you need to do is focus on one point and make sure it’s sharp. A monopod or tripod will make sure the camera doesn’t shake and you can use a low ISO as it will offer better quality than a higher ISO.

A shallow depth of field such as between f/2.8 and f/8 will produce a slightly blurry and ethereal image.

The Background

Many photographers don’t realize that they can create different backgrounds for their flower photos.

For example, you can place colored cardboard or cards behind the flowers. Colored cards enable you to highlight the petals by selecting a contrasting background color.

If possible, you might even be able to bring them inside and use household items for backgrounds.

Try this idea you and you’ll be surprised how creative your photographs can get!

Shoot from Various Angles

Different angles will provide added interest.

Try experimenting when composing the shot and use the weather conditions to your advantage too. No matter what Mother Nature provides you with you can always get dramatic close-up flower shots.

The Best Lens

A macro lens with an f/2.8 aperture is ideal. A monopod or tripod is also a big help to eliminate camera shake and motion blur.

The Best Camera Settings

It’s good to aim for a shallow depth of field, approximately f/4, as this will create a slightly blurred background making the flower the highlight of the photo.

If you’re outside on a bright day you may want to try underexposing the shot by one stop as it will highlight the flower’s details better.

What’s Next?

We hope you enjoyed these close up flower photography ideas and tips. Now that you’re finished reading, leave a comment below telling us which tip was your favorite and share any experiences you’ve had taking these types of photos.

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    Very nice and informative guidlines


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    I am already using Tamron 90mm macro lens. The guide lines given are informative and useful.

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