Amazing Engagement Photography Ideas (Lots of Photos)

Are you looking for Inspiring Engagement Photography Ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Below, you’ll find an extensive list of ideas for you to use as inspiration for your next engagement photo shoot.

What We Recommend You Do With These Engagement Photo Ideas

Browse through all of the photo ideas listed below to find the photos that you like best.

Then try and mimic the style, poses and composition of the photo within the setting that fits your engaged couple. For example, if your couple had a memorable first date at a burger restaurant, choose the “Shoot Wide Shot that Establishes the Scene” and place the restaurant in the background. You can also choose the “Frame the subject with a Doorway or Entryway” type of shot and place your couple within the doorway of the restaurant. These types of shots will help to create a story within your engagement photos and your engaged couple will love you for it!


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Now, Onto The Engagement Photo Ideas

Shoot a Wide Shot that Establishes the Scene
Its always a good idea to shoot an engagement photo that showcases the couple within the scene where the photo was taken. Not only does it serve as a reminder for the couple of where the picture took place, it also sets up closer shots that are to come.

engagement photo ideas by lyfe
Lyfe Photography
Wide Shot engagement photo ideas
Studio 1948
Wide Shot
Two Ring Studios
Wide Shot
Will Duris

Change Perspective For Your Shots
Another idea is to add visual interest by shooting from different perspectives. Shoot high above and below your subjects. Also get down to their eye level if they are laying down.

Engagement Photo Ideas
Perspective Ideas for engagement photo ideas
Jonathan Gagle
PerspectiveLittle Acorn Photography

Use Leading Lines to Draw the Eyes to The Couple
Look for leading lines within the scene to place your couple onto. These lines will draw the eyes to the engaged couple within the photo.

Leading Lines
Black Gecko Photography
Leading Lines Ideas
David Bracho
Leading Lines Photo IdeasTerra Dawn Photography


Create Motion/Action
This is an often missed engagement photography idea that adds life to your photos. Capture the moment of your couple jumping in the air, embracing in a hug, or throwing their hands in the air.

In My Life Studios
First Glimpse
Motion/Action Engagement Photo IdeasLara Parent Photography

Frame the subject with a Doorway or Entryway
This idea is self-explanatory. Look for ways to frame your couple within the scene.

Frame Subject
Frame Subject
Frame Subject Engagement Photo Ideas
Mickey’s Wife
Frame Subject Engagement Photo IdeasRob McKaughan

Use the foreground to Add Interest
Add some foreground elements to your engagement photos. Shoot the elements so that they are out of focus and in focus.

Use Foreground Engagement Ideas
Justin Lucarelli
Use Foreground Photo Ideas
Steller Photography

Shoot From Behind The Engaged Couple

This is another often missed engagement photo idea. Shooting from behind your enraged couple can add a nice sense of intimacy.

Shoot From the Back Engagement Ideas
Shoot From the Back Photo Ideas

Showcase The Couple’s Hobbies

This idea is sure to help you stand out from other photographers. If your couple shares similar hobbies take photos showcasing them!

Photography Hobbies
Charlotte Geary
Photography Hobbies Photo Ideas
Photography Hobbies Engagement Ideas
Photography HobbiesSerendipity Photography

Photograph The Hands with the Engagement Ring

Every engagement photo session has to showcase the engagement ring! Make sure you always get this shot.

Photography the Hands Engagement Photo Ideas
Brandyn Fidel
Photography the Hands Engagement Photo Ideas Carl Zoch
Photography the Hands Engagement Photo IdeasStourist

Shoot Only from the Waist Down

Not every shot has to show the couple’s faces. Shooting from the waist down offers a beautiful mix of mystery and intimacy. Try this photo idea on your next shoot!

Shoot from the Wasit Down Engagement Photo Ideas
Albert Manduca
Shoot from the Wasit Down Engagement Photo Ideas
Shoot from the Wasit Down Engagement Photo Ideas
Shoot from the Wasit Down Engagement Photo IdeasLocomotives

Photograph the Snuggling/Intimacy Shot
Self-explanatory idea for engagement photography. Shoot the couple being intimate.

Photograph the Snuggle/Intimacy Shot Engagement Photo Ideas
Comic Pie
Photograph the Snuggle/Intimacy Engagement Photo Ideas
Ryan Miller Photography
Photograph the Snuggle/Intimacy Engagement Photo IdeasTerra Dawn Photography


Shoot a Powerful Silhouette
Yet another often opportunity. If possible, shoot a silhouette of the couple.

Shoot a Silhouette Engagement Photo Ideas
Charlotte Geary
Shoot a Silhouette Engagement Photo Ideas
Eddie Lin Photography
Shoot a Silhouette Engagement Photo Ideas Scott R. Bush
Shoot a Silhouette Engagement Photo IdeasThe Only Daughter

And Finally, Get Creative!
Often the best  ideas come from being creative! Think outside of the box and shoot photos that use selective focus, placing the couple at different parts of the frame, using their hands, and more!

Get Creative Engagement Photo Ideas
Get Creative Engagement Photo Ideas
Charlotte Geary
Get Creative  Photo IdeasParris Studios
Get Creative Engagement Ideas
Juju Photography

We hope you enjoyed these Engagement Photography Ideas and that they will serve as an inspirational source for your next  photo session. Please spread the word by sharing this article using the buttons below and also leave a comment.

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