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Macro Flower Photography Ideas for Eye-Catching Photos

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One of the best ways to capture flowers is by using macro photography.

A good close up of a flower will show viewers just how beautiful and detailed they can be.

In this post, we’ll go over some macro flower photography ideas and tips to help you capture eye-catching photographs.

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Photo by Alex Loach

The first part of the equation consists of you finding your favorite flower to shoot. There are so many different types of flowers out there and you’re bound to find one that stands out.

Once you have chosen a flower, it’s a good idea for your photography to place it where there’s some soft light.

A good example of this would be in the front of a window that is diffusing the light with a net curtain or a sheet.

Of course, this could be hard to do if the flower is growing in the ground outside. If there’s no way you can move the flower then you could try to diffuse the available light with some type of fine material.

You should take the shot while your back is to the light, but be careful not to block it.

You could also take the photos from the side. This will allow the soft light to gently fall on the flower’s petals and it will display the wonderful colors, detailing and textures of it.

Sometimes the best days for taking macro shots of flowers are bright, but overcast weather conditions. If you feel there isn’t enough light you can boost it up a little bit by using a reflector or an off camera flash. This photography idea will help to accent the flower’s details if it’s shadowed.


Macro Flower Photo

Photo by Craig O’Neal


Using a tripod is recommended so that you can set up a precise shot. If you don’t have a tripod, try to find some type of stable surface to rest your camera on.

When it comes to the lens, you could try an extension tube or a macro lens.

If you don’t have either, than you should just experiment with the lens you have and try out a variety of focal lengths.

You will probably have better control over the shots if you use manual focus instead of the auto option. Just decide exactly what you want to focus on and then lock it in and recompose.

If your camera is a point-and-shoot model, there could be a macro setting on it and you should choose this and make sure the flash is turned off.

If you have a DSLR you can set it to the aperture mode and experiment at different f-stops. This will allow you to see how much detail is captured in your images.


Extreme Close Up Macro Flower Photography

Photo by Andrew Cheal Photography


If you’re aiming for a sharp center with soft, blurry petals or background you could try shooting and somewhere from f/1.8 to f/4. If you’d like more of the image to be sharp then try a narrower option such as f/18 or f/22.

Don’t forget to try ideas in your photography like these next tips. If you take the shots from different angles while standing above the flower you should get some interesting views. Then lower the camera down to the flower’s level and take more shots. You can also try and get under the flower and shoot upwards as its underbelly if possible. If you’d like to do a lot of post-processing on the images you should take the photos in the RAW mode.

It’s also a lot of fun to try experimenting with flower macro photography by utilizing different lenses, gels, and lighting techniques etc. Flowers are also quite dramatic after a rainfall or when they’re covered in dew.

What’s Next?

We hope you enjoyed these macro flower photography tips. Now that you’re finished reading, leave a comment below telling us which tip was your favorite and share any experiences you’ve had taking these types of photos.

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