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Newborn and Baby Photography Ideas

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Every parent wants photos of their newborn baby since these are the first days of the precious one’s life.

Baby’s can often get up to some pretty mischievous things, but they’ll also stay still long enough for you to get some great shots.

Here are some baby photography ideas and tips designed to give you some inspiration when it comes to photographing infants.


Photos by Kara Davis and Vivian Chen

Plan ahead

Most parents have a list in their heads of the types of images they’d like for their newborn.

It’s a good idea to talk with the parents ahead of time and jot these down so you don’t forget them. Take the simple shots first, such as the baby sleeping or eating or whatever the parents requested. Once you’ve completed the list you can start to get more creative and take photos of the newborn in more active situations. In these instances, you’ll have fun just watching the baby to see what he or she gets up to. Then you can capture some amazing moments the parents had never even thought about.

So indulge in these baby photography tips!

A happy baby is the most photogenic baby

If your baby is well rested, has eaten, and is dry, then he or she will be a lot more comfortable and willing to pose for photos.

To get a baby to smile simply smile at them and see how they react. It’s important that you never shake a baby. Just let them act naturally and be prepared to capture the magical moments.

Come prepared with a prime lens

One of the best lenses for newborn and baby photography is a fast prime lens, somewhere in the 50 to 85mm range.

When capturing baby photos you do not want to use a flash because it could damage the infant’s eyes.

By using a prime lens you can take advantage of a wider aperture setting (such as f/1.2) which will let you take low-light shots as well. This will also enable you to blur any distracting backgrounds while the baby will be sharp and the only focal point of the image.

Make use of a zoom lens

Attaching a zoom lens will enable you to vary the image’s composition. You’ll be able to get close up shots of various body parts such as hands, feet, the ears, etc. You can then zoom out to capture the whole length of the baby.

Camera settings

Many photographers use the aperture priority mode on the camera when taking shots of babies.

Depth-of-field is usually the most important factor for baby portraits. Since babies don’t move around that fast shutter speed choice is not really that important.

If you’d like to experiment a little you can try the manual mode on the aperture setting. If you adjust it to f/4 or even f/5.6 it will allow you to add a colorful or interesting background and make for a more dynamic image.

Use even light

It’s important to use even light when taking portraits.

You don’t want to use a flash around a newborn baby. Not only could it spoil the tone and texture of the image, but it could also harm the baby’s eyes.

Therefore, the best idea for your photography in this setting is to try to use natural light whenever possible from a window or doorway. If flash is needed, you can try it after the baby is three months old, but make sure the power setting is on low.


Photos by serenityphotographyltd and Ruby Lane Photography

Use props

Another great photography idea is to use interesting and creative props.

Putting the baby in a cute outfit or placing the baby inside of a wrapped towel make fun portraits. You could also use the baby’s toys and teddy bears. Some props can be used for emphasizing the size of the toddler. Experiment and have fun!

Use black and white

This is often a personal preference. However, some black and white images are much more dramatic and/or emotional.

Don’t forget, it’s always a better idea to photograph in color and change the photos to black and white with a photo-editing program than to shoot black and white natively. If you don’t like the way the black and white photo came out it’s near impossible to replace the color.

Sizing up your baby

It’s often fun to show just how small your baby really is. This can be done effectively by taking shots of the baby with his/her parents or other grownups. Good examples of this are shots of hand and feet next to their parent’s.

Create a scrapbook to gain repeat customers

It’s often common for parents to keep track of their child’s height by placing a ruler or tape measure on a wall. The same can be done with the growing of the baby. When delivering the final photos to the parents it’s a good idea to also give them a scrapbook full of photos that is used to show off different ages. This inexpensive gift could help you to gain repeat customers as the parents will want to fill out the scrapbook with professional photos as their child reaches these milestone ages.

We hope you enjoyed these baby photography tips and will use them to capture better infant photos. Leave a comment below telling us which tip was your favorite or share a tip of your own!

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