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Pregnant Photography Ideas and Tips

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A type of photography that is becoming very popular is pregnant photography (also known as maternity photography).

This style is on the rise because many mothers see the value in having capture memories of this important time in their lives.

As a photographer, you should know how to take great maternity photos because you never know when you’ll be asked to do it! In this tutorial, we’ll share with you several maternity and pregnant photography ideas, tips and tricks.

Maternity and Pregnant Photography Tips

Take Photos Outside

Don’t fall into the trap of only shooting pregnant photography inside a studio.

Yes, it does ensure a sense of privacy for the mother, but you’ll be missing an amazing opportunity. If you’re not shooting a partially (or fully) nude pregnancy photo you should take a few photos outside. There’s something magical about combining the great outdoors with the natural beauty of a mother who’s bringing a new life into the world. You’ll also separate yourself from other photographers that usually forget to take advantage of this special opportunity.

Below are a few maternity photo ideas. Try to shoot your subject sitting in a field while looking off into the distance, caressing her belly with an out of focus tree limb in the foreground, or a silhouette at sunset.

pregnant photography ideas outside shots
Photos by Grapevine Photography, Foytography, Fboschman

Shoot Inside the Home

One of the most comfortable places to photograph a mother-t0-be is inside her own home. This is a place she knows well and spends most of her time during pregnancy. The more relaxed you can make the mother the better pregnant photography images you’ll get.

Below, are two examples of how you can capture your subject during a home session. The best places include a bed, a couch or a chair.

Photos by PBodyPhotos, TommyChambers

Shoot Close Ups of the Belly

One of the most engaging shots new photographers miss when shooting maternity photos is a close up of the belly. Often all of their pregnancy photos include the mother posed within a scene that captures the whole body and facial expression. Be aware that a very powerful shot can come from shooting just the hands of the mother holding the belly with her soon-to-be baby girl or boy.

pregnant-photography-close up belly
Photos by AllyKeer, Studio08Photography, Mamique

Highlight the Couple

While most of us think of just highlighting the mother-to-be in a pregnancy photos, don’t neglect the father! Without his help the baby would not have been conceived. Shoot a couple of frames that showcase an intimate moment between the couple. This is an amazing moment in the life of both the mother and father and capturing photos that display their love for each other make for wonderful photos!

Photos by TenderPortraits

Include the Siblings

If the mother has other children be sure to include them within a couple of frames. They’re part of the family too and capturing a shot of the child (or children) giving attention to soon-to-be brother or sister will be a photo the whole family looks back on for years to come. If the mother’s parents or grandparents are an important part of their lives invite them to be in a few photos as well.


Take Sexy or Partial/Fully Nudes

Maternity is one of the most natural and beautiful moments in a woman’s life. While there may be times during the pregnancy that the mother doesn’t feel the most beautiful or sexy its always great for her to have photos to look back on that showcase how how beautiful she really was during that time in her life.

If your mother-to-be is willing and comfortable enough with you try to capture some sexy photos. These can be partial or fully nude pregnancy photos. They key to great nude pregnant photography is to emphasis the mother’s natural curves within the frame. Use her clothing to accentuate the belly and breasts. Position her legs so that they are elongated in the photos.

pregnant-photography-sexy nudes
Photos by Ashley Gillett Photography, Bitsy Baby Photography [Rita], hellogorgeousphoto, BlondeShot Creative

Shoot Something Different

Finally, don’t be afraid to try something different. Try different angles and poses until you find something that works. You’re a photographer – be creative!

We hope you enjoyed this maternity and pregnant photography ideas and tips. Please share this article with your friends and leave a comment below telling us which one was your favorite!

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