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Winter Photography Ideas and Tips For Breathtaking Photos!

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There’s no need to pack your camera away once the cold weather and snow arrives.

In fact, you’ll find there are endless opportunities  and ideas to capture some excellent photographs during the winter.

However, some photographers find that it’s often difficult getting the exposure right due to the combination of grey skies and bright white snow.

In addition, the cold weather can take its toll on camera batteries, but these definitely aren’t enough reasons to put your camera into hibernation. All you really need for inspiration is to step outside in the winter wonderland and you’ll be amazed at the possibilities in front of you.

Here’s a list of some of the great winter photography ideas and tips that are sure to help you capture some breathtaking shots!


winter photography ideas black and white

Photo by amintirivizuale


Shoot in Black and White

Winter is almost tailor-made for black and white images.

The brightness of the snow and darkness of the skies can produce some excellent black and white photos.

You might find it hard to produce a good color shot due to the scene, so this is the next best thing. In fact, you might be amazed at how many winter scenes lend themselves to black and white while they don’t look so hot in color.

If your camera doesn’t have a black and white mode you can always convert the photos in an post-processing software such as Photoshop Elements or Lightroom.

However, some cameras will allow you to view the scene in black and white via a monochrome option. This is ideal if you’d like to see what the photo idea will look like sans color. Remember, most effective black and white shots have some aspects of pure black and white in them instead of just elements of grey scale.

winter photography frost

Photo by Jonas Ginter


Take Advantage of the Frost

One of the most dramatic weather effects in images can be frost. And is at the top of our winter photography ideas.

This light dusting of snow/ice can have a spectacular effect on objects, landscapes, and even people.

It’s always a good idea in photography to take advantage of this weather condition and experiment by taking a variety of photos of different things.

The best time of the day to enjoy frosty conditions is in the morning because it often melts before lunch time. When the frost is combined with the light of dawn the images can be out of this world.

Like individual snowflakes, frost also lends itself well to macro photography. Try taking a shot of the ice crystals for a prime example of this.


macro winter ideas

Photo by Bernhard Latzko


Try Macro Photography

If the dreary weather isn’t the greatest for landscape photography you can always try some winter macro shots.

The sun’s light is diffused naturally by clouds and this is ideal for macro photography, especially if you shoot dark objects with the snow as the background.




Winter Storms Provide Numerous Opportunities

Nobody likes to get caught in a winter storm when traveling, but for photographers they can often get a godsend.

The images you can capture during a snowstorm can often be phenomenal.

When a storm hits you can bundle up in your warmest winter clothes and tackle it head on with your camera. Just remember to protect your gear properly with a rain cover.

With the snow falling and foggy effects of a storm, you should be able to get dozens of interesting shots of just about anything you come across on your hike. The ideas for your photographs really become endless!


winter night photography scene


Capture Winter Landscape Photos Night

Night photography in the winter can produce some excellent landscape shots.

Light is highly reflected by the snow and you don’t really need a lot of light to see this effect.

Try shooting some scenes at night and use a long exposure time. The results can be quite creative. If there’s a lot of snow you might want to open the aperture up a stop or two because the camera’s light meter might have a hard time setting the correct exposure. When using automatic mode or a semi-automatic mode, the camera tends to underexpose a bit when the frame is filled with a lot of white.

What’s Next?

We hope you enjoyed these winter photography ideas and tips. Now that you’re finished reading, leave a comment below telling us which tip was your favorite and share any experiences you’ve had taking these types of photographs.

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