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DIY Photography Lighting Accessories Any Photographer Can Build

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Who says photography equipment has to be expensive?

In this article, we’re going to share with you some of the best DIY photography lighting accessories any photographer can build.

Most of these accessories are very inexpensive to create, between $10-20, yet the performance of each rivals that of buying expensive lighting equipment.

Make sure to bookmark this page and come back often as we will continue to update this list of photography accessories with new DIY instructions we find.


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DIY Accessories List

3 in 1 reflector

3 in 1 reflector

A really easy way to create a 3 in 1 reflector that has white, silver and gold surfaces. Great for bouncing light onto your subject during outdoor and studio sessions.

camera stand

Camera and/or Light Stand

Tripods can shoot just about every angle but one: straight down. Its very design demands that the legs will get in the way. Follow these simple instructions to create a downshoot stand for still photography that keeps the camera and/or light in a single and safe position.


Speedlight Snoot

In this article you’ll learn how you how to make a “snoot” for your speedlight flash with easy to find items you may even have around the house. A snoot is used when you only want to light a small part of your subject, while keeping the rest of the subject light free.



Find out how to create your own softbox. A softbox creates a wide area of soft lighting for photography. Very useful for shots done in a studio.

strip light

Strip Light Softbox

Learn how to make a strip light softbox. This is a great piece of lighting gear for shooting portrait photography.

macro studio

Macro Studio

What can you use this for? That’s pretty much up to you, and will be limited only by the size of the box you use. Shots of small objects in the studio, on location, product shots, catalog stuff – whatever.

Do you know of any other easy to build DIY photography accessories? If so, leave a comment below with a link and we’ll add to this list.

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