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Videos: Flash Photography Tips and Lighting Patterns

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Are you looking for flash photography tips? Do you want to learn how to create different flash photography lighting patterns?

We’ve found two great video resources that provide a wealth of flash photography tips. Watch these videos below and to instantly learn how to improve your flash photography skills.

Video #1: Flash Photography Tips

In this flash photography video you’ll learn about the advantages and disadvantages of using an on-board (in camera) flash and an off-camera flash. You’ll also discover how using two or three flashes can add different effects for your indoor portrait photography. Enjoy these flash photography tips!

Video produced by www.dombower.com.

Video #2: Flash Photography Lighting Patterns

In this video, you’ll learn about flash photography lighting patterns that you can use to create different a specific feeling (or mood) within  your photographs. The types of photography light patterns you’ll learn include:

  • Short Lighting
  • Broad Lighting
  • Split Lighting
  • Butterfly Lighting
  • Rembrandt Lighting

By learning about these photography lighting patterns and combining the flash photography tips outlined in the first video, you’ll be able to create amazing portraits using your camera’s flash. Enjoy these flash photography lighting patterns!

Video produced by www.froknowsphoto.com.

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