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Basic Fashion Photography Portrait Poses | How to Pose a Model

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One of the great things about fashion photography is that the sky’s the limit when it comes to fashion photography portrait poses.

The type of poses used for a fashion photo will depend on the theme of the shoot as well as the creativity of the photographer and model.

However, there are some basic poses that are often used and if you know these it will help you and your model when photographing a fashion shoot. Once you have the basics down, then you can experiment with more creative poses.


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The Common Portrait Pose

fashion photography poses common

This is more or less the most common stance in fashion photography portraits.

This is where the model stands with his or her feet crossed with their hips twisted slightly. Their hands will be at their side with their thumbnails facing forward. If the model is wearing a jacket, an alternative is to have him or her hold on to the lapels of the jacket as pictured above.

You’ll usually come across this pose in many types of advertisements and catalogs. It’s a great pose because it helps the photographer produce a clean and consistent line within the frame.

The Hand on Hip Pose

hands on hip fashion pose

This pose, as the name suggests, involves having the model place one of their hands on their hip while all of their fingers are kept still and together.

If the model poses with both of their hands on the hips it will create an hourglass figure or shape which helps to establish a broad-narrow-broad line.

The Hands Behind the Back Pose

photography pose with hands behind back
Photo on right by Alexey Naumov

If the photographer is looking for a way to create different sets of textures and lines to the portrait, he or she can do it by having the model pose with both of their hands behind their back.

The elbows just have to be kept forward and the shoulders should stay relaxed.

The Crossed Arm Pose

crossed arms pose

A crossed arm pose will make the chest of the model appear to be powerful and broad when compared to a narrow waist.

This particular stance can help to create a serious and strong statement regardless of what the photographer’s theme is.

The Walking Pose

walking pose

This fashion photography pose is used when the photographer wants to simulate movement.

It can be created by having the model keep their back as straight as possible while their abdominal muscles are tensed.

The Running Pose

running pose

Like the walking pose, the running pose is often used to recreate movement, but faster movement.

The movement of the model’s limbs and hands and their muscle tension will be emphasized in this stance.

This particular pose is common when the theme of the fashion shoot is dealing with sports and/or exercise.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial on fashion photography portrait poses. Now, leave a comment telling us which pose is your favorite and any experiences you’ve had posing fashion models.

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