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Outdoor Boudoir Photography Portraits| Examples and Tips

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One of the sexiest styles of photography is boudoir!

While some photographers are still only shooting this style of photography within the closed doors of a studio or client’s home, a new trend is now emerging – outdoor boudoir photography portraits.

“Why is this style of boudoir becoming so popular,” you ask. Because, when you think about it taking boudoir photos outdoors is a no-brainer. The natural lighting works wonders for a woman’s skin while the body tones blend well with natural outdoor surroundings. Mixing these traits with a complimenting color of lingerie really makes a woman’s body pop from the background while taking advantage of beautiful lighting.

One of the major reasons why boudoir portrait photography is so intriguing, not only to photographers but women as well, is the fact that contemporary boudoir photography includes variations of candid and posed photos where nudity is implied rather than explicit. This makes these types of photographs great presents for women to give to their spouses before a wedding, at anniversaries, on birthdays or Valentine’s Day.

Regardless if you are new to boudoir or a seasoned pro, take a look at the photos below and use them as inspiration for your next outdoor boudoir photography shoot.

Examples of Outdoor Boudoir Portrait Photography

Outdoor Boudoir Photography by jet'aime boudoir

Photo by jet’aime boudoir

Photographing your subject and including a sizable amount of the background landscape is a beautiful way to set the scene for the more up close and intimate photos to come. Shooting from behind also tends to be sexy.

dixie pixel photo boudoir outside

Photo by Dixie Pixel Photo

If your client is comfortable with water have her get into a nearby stream or lake. Photographing a portrait from above her eye line makes her look more submissive and sensual. By having her look down and away from the camera it also adds intimacy to the photo since it looks more like a candid shot. If attempting this style of boudoir photography outside, make sure it is one of the last shots you take so she is not wet in all the rest!

divine studio outdoor boudoir

Photo by Divine Studio

A great way to add drama to a boudoir photo outside is to add a splash of color. Notice how the blue jacket and pink skirt pop off the neutral background? If your client has bright colors she can throw on over her lingerie have her bring them to use during a few shots.

lindsey thorne

Photo by Lindsey Thorne

Don’t underestimate the power of black and white lingerie too. Notice how the woman’s lingerie blends with the background, yet still looks beautiful in the photo? Complimenting colors can also work wonders for your boudoir portraits. Also, consider taking a few shots from the waist down – not only is it sexy but it also adds a bit of mystery to the photo.

photography by lindsey thorne

Photo by Lindsey Thorne

A classic photography technique is to use foreground framing. Use this tip outdoors to spice up your boudoir photos. An old picture frame is a great investment and you can incorporate it into all of your shoots for added flare.

little secret studio

Photo by Little Secret Studio

One of the best ways to add intimacy to a boudoir portrait photo is to remove the client’s eyes from the frame. Photographing the woman with her head turned away or face partially covered makes for a candid shot that is sure to be sexy!

Studio Carré

Photo by Studio Carré

When shooting outside don’t forget to bring props! Notice how this bright red chair adds a pop of color to the photo. If the woman was only in her black lingerie in this setting she would blend in too well with the background. Brightly colored chairs, scarves, bicycles, beach balls, blankets and more are great props to bring with you!


Don’t forget to take care of boudoir photo retouching  after shooting outdoors. Save photos in RAW format to correct colors, shades, white balance. Smoothen skin naturally, add pink tint to it, reshape body if needed, remove double chin or other objects from the photo, remove stray hair from face. If you can’t do it by yourself in Photoshop, address glamour photo editing services  online.


We hope you enjoyed this article on outdoor boudoir photography portraits. Please leave a comment telling us which photo was your favorite and why!

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